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Service That Sells!
By Jim Sullivan And Phil Roberts

Top Ten Customer Turn-Offs
  1. Auctioning food("okay, who gets the burger?")
  2. Dirty plates in hand when greeting customers(Hi, ready for dessert?")
  3. Not knowing what they're drinking ("I think this is the Diet Coke...")
  4. Messy back bar (sure sign of a messy bartender)
  5. "Discussion groups" of three or four idle servers (if you have time to lean, you have time to clean)
  6. Not acknowledging waiting guests ("It shouldn't be much longer")
  7. Pouring coffee from a stained coffee pot ("No more for me, thanks")
  8. Answering your phone with "Hold, please." (rude, rude, rude)
  9. Greeting guests with a number ("Two?" Instead, smile and say "Hi! Two for lunch today?")
  10. Seating guests at a table with a tip on it (makes them feel uncomfortable)