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waiter's revenge

Make Sure You Print Plenty Of Copies!

Neckshade: Light Red Medium Red Dark Red

Number Of Teeth Exposed In Full Grin:

Does It Have Doors?Yes No Sometimes Can't Remember

How High Is The First Step Into Your Pickup?: 3 Feet 6 Feet More


Truck Equipped With:

Rust Gun Rack Camper Top Hi-Jack Shocks Winch Roll Bar
Rotweiller Running Boards 8 Track Spittoon Fuzz Buster
Load Of Compost Pit Bull Mud Tires Curb Feelers Confederate Flag
Air Horn Mud Flaps 4 Wheel Drive

Bumper Sticker:

I Love Grits Life Is A Beach Save The Lovebug
Almost Heaven--Okeechobee I Dig Boiled Peanuts Honk If You Love Jesus
Redneck Chewing Tobacco Raulerson For President
Where The Hell Is New York Life, Liberty, And The KKK
Slim Whitman For President Snatch Kisses And Vice Versa

Do You Own Any Shoes? (Not Boots): Yes No
Do You Bathe: Weekly Monthly Bi-yearly With Soap
Are You Married To Either Of The Following?: Sister Cousin

Does Your Wife Weigh More Than Your Pickup?: Yes No
Can You Sign And Spell Your Name Right Everytime?: Yes No
Have You Ever Stayed Sober For A Whole Weekend?:Yes No
Can You Count Past 21 With Your Fly Up?:Yes No
Did You Read And Understand All The Above Questions?: Yes No
Did You Have Them Read To You?: Yes No


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